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Up to date thanks to the mobile app & the searchable programme

10/11/2022 - 2 min read

Over the past few months, the team behind COVR has been quite busy. In between online, hybrid and physical congresses, they worked hard on a brand-new product that finally has been launched ...

cmWhat: cmCore!

cmCore is a data rendering platform for events. Simply put, cmCore is one integrated platform on which all data is centralized in the cloud. All cmCore apps get their data from this single online source, which ensures an integrated experience between different event applications.

cmCore can power both on mobile and web applications optimized for the right device and in your assigned corporate style, using the latest development techniques. We would like to highlight the two most important apps from cmCore.

Searchable programme

The searchable programme is similar to your TV channel overview. At a glance, you have an improved view where you can consult the different tracks, sessions and speakers. In other words, from now on you can enjoy an EPG (electronic programme guide), which contains large amounts of information. Another feature of this searchable programme? Time zone support has been integrated. Especially for your hybrid events with remote access, this is a huge advantage.

Event app

The second item to highlight is cmMobile, our event app.
With the growing need for online access to congress activity (remote access via live-stream, Q&A tools, networking, e-posters and on-demand session viewing, post congress) an integrated app and virtual web platform, cmMobile is a natural addition to our suite of congress solutions.

But what exactly can you do with this app? First, you can access your personalized feed. This is driven by current programme information. You can even pass on your preferences, which form the common thread of your feed not only in the app, but also on the website.

In addition, you can follow livestreams and participate in session Q&A directly in the app, as well as access all recordings once sessions are over. Nice tip: The searchable programme lets you quickly locate presentations based on content, presenters and even contributing authors.

What’s next?

These two apps are the first two applications of the cmCore suite. The next step? Get ready to lean back and enjoy congress content the Netflix way.  cmLibrary, our online video service will empower associations to deliver content based on viewers’ scientific interests in a whole new way.

Wondering how we integrate this suite with your other COVR packages? Or getting started with us for the first time? Feel free to give us a call.

Pol Van De Perre
Pol Van De Perre
Business Developer Software

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