To make sure COVR covers all your IT needs and fulfills your wishes for a remarkable conference, our services are divided into four ‘leafs’ of the COVR ‘flower’. Together, these leafs ensure you of fully integrated services for a conference or workshop you’ll never forget.

Fully integrated services for a remarkable conference

Organizing international events isn’t always that easy. Long, solid and efficient preparations are more than needed and even after your conference, the work doesn’t stop. The covid-19 crisis didn’t make it easier. Moreover, it created extra challenges to overcome.

We would love to tell you more about each idea, symbolised as a dot, that makes the COVR clover of services complete.

Smart software

COVR has developed cmOffice as a central software platform that automates all tasks related to conference organisation and association management. Specially designed for scientific and medical conferences, it covers all the particular needs for this niche. Fifteen years of continual development have made cmOffice a reliable and resilient platform.

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Smart on-site services

Many large professional medical associations have been relying for years on COVR’s full range of on-site services. These include fully automated handling of on-site attendee registration, admission, membership, payment … And there’s more: COVR has developed tools to maximize on-site networking and post-event interaction between exhibitors and sales leads.

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Smart content management

Getting a grip on all conference content, screening and publishing it: it’s a major challenge for every conference organizer. Speakers should be able to focus on their presentation without being concerned with technical issues. COVR offers tools to manage this critical task. At the same time, COVR manages the on-site signage and it creates the online platforms that allow attendees to access the content online.

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Smart advice

What if you need 200 identical computers at the conference? Who do you rent projectors and audio equipment from? How to hire a local cameraman and AV technician? Is it better to hire audiovisual facilities from the conference centre or from local suppliers? COVR helps you out, with reliable partnerships and a consultancy team that finds quality and skills for the best budget

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