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Improve efficiency in presentation management, maximise availability for participants

03/08/2023 - 3 min read

For decades, COVR has helped international associations to efficiently manage presentations during congresses. As key opinion leaders and prominent scientists, speakers are among the most important association stakeholders. Servicing them well, and providing them with efficient tools for successful presentation delivery is our prime objective. At COVR we are fully aware of this, and partner with our clients to impress speakers as well as attendees.

From presentation submission to effective delivery: all is included

Be it at the well-organised Speaker Resource Centre or via the online Presentation Upload Page, speakers can easily submit and update their presentation at any time. Smart algorithms verify quality and warn for any potential technical issues. On site, PowerPoint support specialists as well as video professionals are available to optimise presentations. Even last-minute changes are instantly replicated to the lecture rooms where the presentation is seamlessly started when the speaker steps on the podium. Full preview, notes, timer and all presenter controls are at the speaker’s fingertips.  Interactive polls can easily be added and a permanent Q&A panel can be used to collect participant questions. Session chairs receive submitted questions to effectively prepare the oral Q&A.

Dynamic Session Management

Chairs are in charge of their session and COVR empowers them with session management technology.  A dynamic agenda reflects any last minute programme changes in the lecture room as well as on signage screens. Current and upcoming speaker and presentation information is displayed at the room entrance, fully in sync with how the session is progressing. Chairs and panellists follow presentations of in-person as well as remote presenters on dedicated panel monitors. In-person speakers see remote panellists’ video on the comfort monitor at the podium. Our multimedia-powered presentation management system brings speaker, presentation, and in-person and remote panellists together on the main screen for participants.

Current and upcoming speaker and presentation information is displayed at the room entrance, fully in sync with how the session is progressing.

Record and stream anywhere!

Our streaming technology captures all session content and live streams to a dedicated Virtual Platform and/or to cmMobile, our full featured mobile congress app. Even on site, streaming technology is used to bring session content to all COVR operated screens in the venue. Need session overflow for high interest sessions? No problem with COVR’s cmOverflow mobile control panel. As a congress organiser, you can instantly direct the content of any session to another room’s screen, to a signage monitor, or any screen of your liking.

Record content, not just video.

COVR-produced on-demand videos now include automated closed captioning! English-language captions are standard available right after session conclusion and translated captions or subtitles can be added in multiple languages. Captions can be seen as subtitles or in a separate and search window. To quickly navigate to specific content in a session, a simple search allows viewers to instantly navigate to relevant material. As a language aid to non-English speaking participants or as a powerful content search tool, captions easily double the value of your recorded content.

One size does not fit all!

We understand that each event is different and we cater our offering to your specific needs. Our specialists work with you to match your event demands with the technical solutions. This way, a customised technology setup is prepared ahead of time, and deployed on site in the shortest possible period. This keeps your venue rental costs under control and results in a solution optimised to impress.

Pol Van De Perre

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Pol Van De Perre
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