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Efficient IT solutions for scientific and medical associations

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To help organizations manage their membership networks and organise conferences, we provide a fully integrated service that uses IT and automation to combine stunning presentations and a remarkable conference experience in a single package.

A hybrid, virtual or complete physical congress? We can help you in every aspect of your medical or scientifical congress.

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Smart advice

What if you need 200 identical computers at the conference? Who do you rent projectors and audio equipment from? How to hire a local cameraman and AV technician? Is it better to hire audiovisual facilities from the conference centre or from local suppliers? COVR deals with these questions too. COVR helps you out, with reliable partnerships and a consultancy team that finds quality and skills for the best budget.

Smart content management

Getting a grip on all conference content, screening and publishing it: that’s a major challenge for every conference organizer. Speakers should be able to focus on their presentation without being concerned with technical issues. COVR offers the tools to manage this critical task. At the same time, COVR manages the onsite signage and it creates the online platforms that allow attendees to access the content online too.

Smart on-site services

Many large professional medical associations have been relying for years on COVR’s full range of onsite services. These include fully automated handling of onsite attendee registration, admission, membership, payment, etc. And there’s more: COVR has developed tools to maximise onsite networking and post-event interaction between exhibitors and sales leads. It’s the icing on the cake for every conference organiser.

Smart software

COVR has developed cmOffice as a central software platform that automates all tasks related to conference organisation and association management. Specially designed for scientific and medical conferences, it covers all the particular needs for this niche. Fifteen years of continual development have made cmOffice a reliable and resilient platform.

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Our clients

COVR delivers practical and innovative solutions for it’s global clients.


Almost 20 years ago, we started building our first Association Management System. Today we provide an extended suite of products and services to many leading international associations and support them with all of their IT needs as a long-term partner.


COVR’s unique selling proposition to PCO’s is the fact that we are very flexible to finetune and tailor make solutions based on our standard products. This will enable you to meet your customer requirements and to make their wildest dreams come true!

Corporate meeting planners

COVR offers a great number of modular products. You can pick & choose only those of interest for your next event: a simple registration system, entrance control scanning only, lead capturing system, webcast recording of your symposium …

Efficient IT solutions for scientific and medical associations

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We make solid, efficient IT solutions that help scientific and medical associations to manage their membership networks and organize conferences. We also provide on-site support to make conferences and seminars run smoothly and to enhance the quality of experience.

Through partnerships with AV specialists we can offer a fully integrated service that uses IT and automation to combine stunning presentations and a remarkable conference experience in a single package, all for a highly competitive budget.

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