What if you need 200 identical computers at the conference? Who do you rent projectors and audio equipment from? How to hire a local cameraman and AV technician? Is it better to hire audio-visual facilities from the conference centre or from local suppliers? COVR likes to help you out!

COVR offers rental solutions for equipment such as computers, printers, laptops, etc. at very competitive rates. PCs are always pre-configured to your specific needs, loaded with your branding and tested in house before shipment. In addition to standard software, all networking connectivity and data connections to servers are pre-configured so that you are not renting individual computers, but a ready to run solution.

In the event something might go wrong on-site, the COVR technicians not only ensure that the hardware is up and running again as fast as possible; they also fully understand the entire technology set-up so that the repaired or replaced machine works in harmony with all IT provisions the moment it’s back on-line

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