cmLead is COVR’s state-of-the-art exhibition lead retrieval solution. iOS-based devices equipped with a high-performance scanner allow exhibitors to immediately identify booth visitors, keep track of visitor interests, make profile updates and even automate follow-up activities.

User-friendly touch interface

Running on an iPad, iPod or iPhone the lead management app provides booth personnel with full profile data of exhibition visitors when they scan their badge. A business card view provides quick name and address overview and allows completing of any missing data. A fully customisable interface lets companies define products or services to be tracked and followed up post-event

Rented or exhibitor-owned devices

Exhibitors can rent pre-configured iPads with scanners from COVR or they can simply download the app to their own tablet and rent a scanner only. The app is published via the Apple App Store and can easily be installed. Clear instructions to connect to your exhibition are provided upon exhibitor sign-up.

Web based control panel

Setting up company specific products and services to be tracked is simple and intuitive, through a web based interface. COVR provides a clear manualfully customised and branded to your event, and even has an onsite help desk in case any exhibitor needs help on the spot. The control panel also gives exhibitors access to their scanned data whenever they want to retrieve it; during the event, immediately after or even months later.

On or off-line scanning

Depending on your needs or venue-specific possibilities and/or restrictions, cmLead scanners can work fully independent or directly connected to your registration database. On scheduled intervals, scanned data is synched to the server and initiates a two-way replication. If no WiFI connection is available, the app simply keeps working in off-line mode until the next sync.  cmLead can connect to COVR’s cmOffice database or to any other open standard database system.

Powerful and hassle-free for exhibition organisers

Offering cmLead to your exhibitors is just a matter of taking the decision and letting us analyse data integration needs. From there on, COVR can fully take over all steps and work directly with exhibitors for ordering devices, invoicing, pre-configuration, on-site distribution and support. Whether you have 20 exhibitors or 2000, no problem with cmLead. The application is designed to support even the biggest events and to let exhibitors focus on selling.

Want to discover more about cmLead

cmLead allows you to:

  • Follow-up on your atendees, even months after the event
  • Access your visitor’s data offline
  • Tailor the experience to the interests of your visitor
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