How many organisations truly use the vast amounts of information generated through business transactions and operational processes? What does it take to turn data into comprehensive knowledge? Do you want to be among those who really get value from their information capital? With cmAnalytics you can!

Our consultants work with you on creating awareness of the richness and usability of the data which is available in your systems. Using advanced reporting tools they develop powerful one-click reports which will provide you with a better view on the status of your processes and projects. Real-time dashboards or drill down detailed reports provide you with live status information or mineable data for post-event analysis.

Sample cmAnalytics reports are:

Comparative status reports: How are your abstract submission numbers, registration counts, membership renewals etc. tracking compared to historically available trends? Are you ahead or behind schedule? Should you think of additional promotion? This report will give you clear insights

Executive communication reports: How long does it take you to gather, clean and compile distributed information each time you want to send a status update to your board or other important stakeholders? Are they currently under-informed because this is simply too resource intensive? If the data is in your systems, it can be turned into a one-click report with cmAnalytics.

Vendor product offering alignment: How does event session attendance compare to vendor product offerings at your exhibition? Monitor which sessions people intend to visit based on registration preferences or itinerary builder info. Are any solutions under-represented at your exhibition of in sponsorship representation? This report will allow you to tell them and get them to commit.

Strategy alignment: How does event attendee and member interest align with the direction set forth in your strategic plan? Content tag-based data mining will provide you with the answers.

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The topics we’ve covered in our onepager are:

  • cmAnalytics as a tool to collect and centralize information
  • cmAnalytics as a tool to increase your marketing activity
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