cmOffice the intelligentcontrol centre for conference and association management.

COVR has developed cmOffice as a central software platform that automates all tasks related to conference organisation and association management. Specially designed for scientific and medical conferences, it covers all the particular needs for this niche. Eighteen years of continual development have made cmOffice a reliable and resilient platform which provides users with powerful tools in all stages of conference organization.

cmOffice manages everything from conference registration to content management

cmOffice allows you to control every step in the organisation and management of large and complex conferences with multiple simultaneous sessions and large speaker numbers. A state-of-the-art abstract selection system with on-line abstract submission- review- and scoring greatly streamlines programme development and allows subject matter experts and association staff to work on one platform.

cmOffice organises and controls every task related to invitations, registrations, invoicing, payment processing and reporting, hotel & travel management, etc.

cmOffice administers memberships in an easy environment that takes the individual at its core.

cmOffice also supports onsite activities: content management, resource allocation, content publishing, onsite customer relationship management and networking.

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