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The experience of a first congress: the story of Marnix

17/03/2022 - 2 min read

The congress in Lisbon was a real baptism of fire for Marnix, the newest team member at COVR. One of the most important congresses suddenly became his first. We talked to him about how he experienced the event.

What were your expectations? Were you looking forward to your first congress?

I mainly heard beforehand that it would be hard and long work, but they also told me that it would be very enjoyable. Actually, I only heard positive things. So I decided to just let it come to me and I was really looking forward to it.

Did your expectations meet up to reality?

Yes actually. The build up lasted two 15-hour days. It was hard work, as they said, but it progresses so quickly and it’s a lot of fun to do. In addition, you are together with your colleagues the whole day and that creates a special bond. After a long day, we would usually go and do something together. It’s very good for the team spirit.

What was it like to go to a congress?

It was exhausting. I took two days of recuperation (laughs). Still, it was blissful to go along. You have been preparing for so long (for this congress since June) and it is nice to finally see what you are doing it for. That gives a lot of satisfaction. Besides, it’s nice to meet the people behind the emails in person

What were mainly your tasks?

I was mainly responsible for the virtual aspect in the slide center. I had to make sure the virtual platform kept running, so that everyone could keep following from home. If something went wrong, I had to fix it immediately. Online registrants shouldn’t miss a thing. On the first day, a few minor glitches cropped up, but fortunately they were quickly resolved.

What did you enjoy most about going to the congress?

It may sound strange, but I liked it when there was a problem and I managed to solve it under pressure. When something like that succeeds, it’s a really good feeling. But actually everything was fun. It was great to get to know colleagues better with whom I don’t normally work so much, such as Jan and Gerd. Finally, it’s fantastic I’ve only been working at Netropolix for six months, but I’m already getting the confidence from the team to go along.

Do you have a funny story for us?

There was a problem with a button not working on a Mac computer. I called my colleague Simba and asked him what we should do. Simba replied very seriously: “There’s nothing we can do. A button is a button.” That phrase was repeated many times between colleagues throughout the congress. Luckily we were able to unravel the error.

congres Lissabon

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